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Regiment of Rulers

The club of historical reconstruction and medieval fencing, the Regiment of Rulers, has a historical section dedicated to the Muscovy period (16-17th centuries — boyars, nobility, archers, Cossacks, gunners, monks before the Nikon’s reforms, townspeople, and peasants).

A tourist who comes to the club chooses what he/she likes more (country and topic), then he/she shall choose a social status (since the costumes, armor and appearance depended directly on it) and finally period-specific features.

Over many years of its existence, Regiment of Rulers became famous in Russia among similar clubs not only due to its high level of knowledge, but also due to one of the best, richest and the most developed complexes of costumes and armor, which vary from large items (various kaftans, chain mail and so on) to small plastic items and weapons. Also, jewelry and ceremonial weapons, unlike the overwhelming majority of clubs, are not limited to brass and copper — there is a large variety of silver, gold, pearls, semi-precious, and precious stones (polished and unpolished).

Currently, new members of the regiment reconstruct archers, serving nobles and mirzas of the first half of the 16th-mid 17th century — the time when the Russian fortress cities were founded on the territory of modern Mordovia.


Everyone who wants to touch the “living history”, feel and try the weight of armor and sword, the beauty of medieval dance and costume in the club of historical reconstruction and medieval fencing Regiment of Rulers will find a place in their “ranks”. If you want to relive history again, try to restore the founding times of Saransk and Temnikov, strive to learn elegant saber fencing, welcome to the club!