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LITA is a gem and Simbircite shop in Ulyanovsk

Simbircite is the main stone of our Plant called so in 1985 after Simbirsk city. Today it’s a leading brand of gifts and souvenirs in Russia and Volga region.

After being launched by Lita company back in 1993 the craft already in 1996 received the status of a national artwork of the Ulyanovsk region. The company products include interior items, jewelry, materials for landscape design, items for healing using the stone properties, gifts and souvenirs. You can see all that with your own eyes in Simbircite shop.

Semi-precious stones:

Flammalite – a variety of mother of pearl found in Ulyanovsk.
Age: 80-120 million years.
Prevailing tone: fiery, pink.

Sengilite – a variety of Simbircite cabochon fossil of opaque hazel color with vitreous lustre.

Spectropyrite is one of the most precious relatively new gem, it is a cluster (druze) of small crystals coating a matrix, shimmering a rainbow of colors. Most items made of spectropyrite are supplied from Thailand and India, where it is mainly hand-polished.