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Melita – a fur manufacturer in Kazan

Today as well as during the Soviet times Melita is the leading Russian fur manufacturer, the best at the local market of fur manufacturing. Its garments are popular both in Russia and abroad.

All models are developed by the best designers of Melita, who take part and often win numerous Russian and international competitions. For over 20 years Melita has business with Irina Krutikova the Russian fur designer famous all over the world, the State Prize Winner and the President of the International Fashion Development Fund.

After the winters have become milder in Russia  during the last years Melita has started to produce  light fur coats that can be worn even during the above zero temperature thanks to their unique technology and elegant design.

In March during the last fur exhibition MiFur-2007 in Milan (Italy) the last Melita-luxury collection has been highly appraised by the European experts, who admitted that the company managed to create totally new fur materials and to make a revolutionary invention in the sphere of skinnery.

Melita-luxury collection made of sheepskin and beaver-luxury provide a combination of special material, design, tailoring and an absolutely new technology of currying that received a special prize from the Russian Government in the field of science and new technologies in 2005. In general the Company has dozens of different prizes and diplomas from different international and local Russian fur exhibitions.

Melita designs clothing for women starting from garments for young girls and sport jackets and up to elegant long fur coats   for the real ladies.