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The “SARANSKY” Alcoholic beverage plant

During an exciting sightseeing tour you will visit the museum and learn about the history of one of the leading producers of alcoholic beverages in Russia. You can visit alcoholic and non-alcoholic shops, learn about the peculiarities of the production of the oldest Russian drink, as well as the purest water.

During a tasting, you will get closer to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage consumption culture and get souvenirs from the plant as a gift. (A tour to the alcoholic beverages shops is only for visitors over 18 years old.) An excellent conclusion of the excursion program will be a visit to the plant store.

The history of LVZ Saransky dates back to 1899. Initially, the company was established as a state-owned wine warehouse, the production activity was first mentioned already in 1903 in the reporting statements for the Penza province. In 2013, LVZ“ Saransky celebrates therefore its 110th anniversary since the beginning of the industrial production of alcoholic beverages.