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Sergiyev Posad

When we hear Sergiyev Posad we imagine a great monastery complex, one of the principal spiritual centers of the Russian Church, the Trinity Lavra established by St. Sergius of Radonezh. It will be difficult to avoid clichés when talking about this monastery and probably there is no need to.  It is under the patronage of UNESCO. Besides this is the only city near Moscow included into the Golden Ring of Russia. That is also why Posad is visited by half a million pilgrims a year. All this dry facts prove that the place is of a great importance for Russians better than many words. Once such celebrities of the Russian Orthodox Churched worked and lived here as Pavel Florensky and Alexander Men,  and the conservative philosophers Vasily Rozanov and Konstantin Leontiev collected their thoughts here. Today it is a big town with noisy markets of toys and souvenirs, clinking glasses of the restaurants, horns of tourist basses. The only thing remains the same — it is a flow of pilgrims to the Trinity Lavra which never draws. As many years ago the words of praying are whispered, the priests are respectfully given way to, and people acknowledge belief in kindness of St. Sergius.

Souvenirs of Sergiyev Posad Traditional nested Matryoshka dolls,  bears, down shawls and magnets, cups and plates, birch bark handcrafts, pictures with Trinity Lavra  — these are the main souvenirs of the town. One can buy them at the big square near Lavra where small shops are  installed by craftsmen. In Lavra there is a large store with icons and books where you can buy a lot of literature including the guides and religious books. There are a lot of books for children and fiction, related to religion of course. Besides you can buy here icons, next-to-skin crosses, apostle spoons etc.