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St. Petersburg Souvenir Stores

Souvenir Medallions

Medallion machines are a new amusement recently appeared in many parts of St. Petersburg. Their work is quite simple. You give a required amount of money and in few seconds you can have a small medallion with the city attraction you are located close to, or just a view of St. Petersburg with some inscription. The medallions are made of copper and brass and are quite durable. You can find medallion machines near the main attractions of the city: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress etc. But the medallions can be also bought at many souvenir stores.


Imperial Porcelain is a brand well known not only among the citizens of our country, but also far beyond its borders. The imperial porcelain factory was built under the reign of Elizaveta Petrovna. And from the end of the 19 century creation of a unique collection of chinaware has being started. Each item supplied to the Imperial Majesty Court, had been fabricated in two copies. The second copy was kept at the factory. Many products manufactured at the Factory are included into the best museum collections: the Hermitage, Moscow Historical Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art etc. Today the Factory is mainly occupied with producing superb luxury products of famous designers. Very few people can afford buying  a coffee-set of this brand, but of course everyone wants to have at least a single mug and saucer set of the legendary factory. Besides it is also quite popular with the tourists to buy china animal or genre statuettes, the prices can very a lot starting from quite reasonable once that can be afforded by anyone. The Factory brand shops are located at the most central places including Nevsky Prospect, so it will not be difficult to find them.

Navy Souvenirs

The history of St. Petersburg is  closely connected with the Russian Navy. Take for example a history of Aurora cruiser! Particularly near this attraction the most souvenirs of that type can be found. Here you can buy a Naval officer cap, a ships bell, ship pennants etc. Beside quite often tourists buy here different flags, sailor stripped shirts and different badges and lapel pins.