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Ulyanovsk Souvenir Stores

Ulyanovsk Simbircite
Simbircite is probably the most popular gift and souvenir to be brought from Ulyanovsk region. This gem has crystalized in forms of calcite. It is absolutely unique and can be found only here. Ural simbircite is also called Volga Amber. Nevertheless it only looks like amber. Local masters make different artworks, jewelry and souvenirs using this gem. Most beautiful fossils are found in ammonite shells of ancient shellfishes.
You can buy Ulyanovsk simbircite as a present or for yourself at a special Simbirsk Souvenir Shop.

Souvenirs with Lenin
Ulyanovsk got its name after the surname of the communism head V. Lenin. And it would be strange to have no souvenirs with the former socialist leader portraits here. Souvenir shops offer Lenin statuettes, badges and flags.  A lot of magnets are decorated with the celebrity profile. You can also find printed materials related to revolutionary era. May be this is not a good present for everyone but it might be quite interesting to have one as a memory.

Hunter trophies and souvenirs
Ulyanovsk region is a good place for hunting. Here you can buy a lot of handmade souvenirs made of animal skins and bones. Unique artwork of local masters will give you a chance to acquire medallions, mirrors and other items made of natural materials. Those who are fond of hunter trophies will be able to appraise the fine skinnery and artwork.
You can buy gifts and souvenirs related to hunting at special shops of Ulyanovsk.