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«Leader Kazan Incoming» tour operator is a leading operator for incoming foreign tourists in Kazan.

«Leader Kazan Incoming» tour operator offers both individual tours and full packages of services (transportation, sightseeing tours, board and lodging). We arrange tours in Kazan and we offer tours for our guests to get acquainted with Russia as a whole.

Let us take our unique tour around three capital cities (Moscow – Saint-Petersburg – Kazan – Moscow) as an example. The tourists can taste the national Tatar and Russian cuisine, can try kokoshnik and tyubeteika on, can familiarize themselves with different ages of the Russian state (Imperial and Soviet), can observe vast vistas of the largest country in the world, can marvel the flair of multinational cities, can feel the hot blood of the cold land and to understand the mysterious Russian soul.

Our advantages:

  • Customer-centered approach
  • Many tour guides speaking different languages (English, Turkish, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Transport service (from executive-class cars to tourist buses)
  • Board arrangement (selection of restaurants or banquet rooms depending on preferences of the foreign guests)
  • Compositions of the tour program considering national peculiarities and interests of the tourists.


The quality of the services provided by us satisfied people from such countries as Germany, France, China, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other.


We invite our dear gests to enjoy the Russian hospitality!

Dr. Hans N. Mertens (Bad Dürrenberg, Germany)

Dear Wenera, what I told at our telephon conversation, the trip to Nabereshnyje Tschelny and KAMAZ was very interesting. Alexander and your famous driver were really nice companions on the route. We had a very good visit of Elabuga too. The new city of Nabereshnyje Tschelny was very impressive. In KAMAZ-factory I found me as «Industrial Tourist» No. 1000 since 2016. I had a surprising interview with local TV. If you get any information about it, please be so kind and give me a feedback.
Greetings to Alexander, with him I had very good conversation.
P.S. Many thanks again.

C. Sathe & T. Sathe, India

Dear Team,
We had visited Kazan for 2 days & It was great experience I`ve ever been.
Our guide Miss Roze is well explained & having great knowledge about history of Kazan & also very cooperative personality. Thanks to all.

Laura, Sean, Jan, Colin Maloney (Detroit, Michigan)

Ekaterina was extremely knowledgeable about the history , the architecture and people of Kazan. We came from Michigan barely knowing more than the name of the city and will return to the U.S. knowing so much about the history of Russia and the Tatars. We visited mosques, the old neighborhood of Tatar and Russian preserved homes and churches. She was very patient with our daughter wanting to return to purchase something after debating it for several minutes. Her command of English is excellent and her warmth and enthusiasm for Kazan was infectious! We would recommend her as a guide to anyone wanting to know about this beautiful city.

Lucas & Nikaolas Caycedo, Colombia

It`s a wonderful place, full of history & symbolic meanings. Christian Monastery & Tatar History are related & it`s interesting to see their connection. It is necessary to have more time of visit to enjoy a lot of small details of history, a wonderful view from the top of the Sviyazhsk island. Thanks a lot.

Izabella, Miami, FL, USA

This tour thought me soo much Russian history that was fun! I liked the chruches we went to in Kazan, and how the decoration. I would tell all my family and friends to go to this tour.

Michelle G. / Miami / FL / USA

Rose was very knowledgeable in the history of Kazan as well as the culture of Tar Tar. Thank you for showing us around this beautiful city. Her understanding of the religious was very advanced.

Luis M. Vargas, Miami Beach

Good tour, driver was careful & Rose was very good describing the various places we visited and answering questions.

Romaney + Michael Morcos

Very informative + interesting tour, we enjoyed the Kremlin very much and all awesome + amazing facts. Thank you for making the day a good + easy day to get through. Fun + enjoyable!

Daniel from Melbourne

Awesome tour with so much history in Kazan. Thank you, Rose, for making the day easy to follow and your english was first class. All the best!

David, Melbourne, Aus

Very informative tour, great knowledge on the history of Kazan & Tatar

Christopher, Melbourne, Australia

Lots of historical information given in an interesting & easy to inderstand. Rose was very professional as well. Good break for lunch to add to our energy

George & Marie Dunatov, Sydney, AUS

Very interesting tour. Thank you.

James, Melbourne, Australia

Rose provided a very comprehensive tour of Kazan. Her knowledge and communications skills were very good. She also provides a good a good pace in moving through the various moments.

Kasim Ali Khan

Alexander was a very good informed tour guide. He had great general knowledge of the university, the kremlin and the political understanding through the great history of Kazan. He also portrayed the great understanding between the religious groups in the area. 10/10!

Ray Varetti

Alexander provided a great tour of Kazan. Well done!

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