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Cheboksary is the administrative, cultural and industrial center of the Republic of Chuvashia. An amazing city, where each visitor is welcomed with warm embraces by a 46-meter-high majestic monument to the Mother Protector — a symbol of the whole Republic.

Miracles do not end there: not everyone knows that every second resident of Cheboksary is either a musician or a singer, and that since ancient times it has been brewing a delicious beer, the recipe of which are kept in strict secrecy. Moreover, 80% of all hops in Russia are growing in this republic. But everyone remembers that Gena the Crocodile, who was looking for the word Cheburashka at the dictionary, found the word Cheboksary: “Cheboksary, Cheburek, Chemodan (Suitcase) … but there is no word Cheburashka…”, Gena the Crocodile said.

The Russian chronicles mention Cheboksary as a well-known settlement at the Volga river when tell about the campaign undertaken by waywode Ivan Dmitrievich Roon against Kazan in May 1469: “…we spent the night in Cheboksarka, from Cheboksar we were walking next day and night until we reached eventually Kazan at early dawn…”

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