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You can enjoy hunting at a special base Kamskie Prostory (Zaovrazhny settlement Karatai Kamslo-Ustinsky Region 120 km south-west of Kazan). To see a wild fowl above your head or a wild boar retreating. The shooting will be performed by huntsman so there is no need to worry about your safety. The take will be prepared,...

Shooting ground

Trap shooting refers to active sports. Here you will be trained how to shoot and the armors will be made suitable for you individually. There are five combined shooting grounds here to train trap, skeet and double-trap. The ground is equipped with NASTA Automatic Trap Wobbler Kit of high quality.

Fishing (carp, crusian carp, wild carp, pike, perch, pike-perch, Caspian roach, Caspian asp)

Gorgeous places for your rest and fishing in the suburbs of Kazan, you will also have a unique chance to fish at Kaban river and right in the center of the city. Our comfortable cars and busses will take you to the fishing tour. All required fishing tackles and gear are provided.

Volga River Cruises by boat and yacht

There is nothing more pleasant that to cruise on a hot day along the river where the waves and gentle breeze and spindrift… Comfortable motor boats (Bayliner, Velvette, Starcraft) and yachts (Qubit, Zet, Legend) will make you feel like a Hollywood star. Catering services can be provided as well.

Helicopter Tours

You will have a tour (30 minutes long) by Robinson 44, Bell 407 at height of 500 km with up to 4 passengers on board. Gain an incredible experience; enjoy the gorgeous views of the sky and small houses bellow. Panoramic windows in the capsule of the helicopter will let you see the entire Kazan...

Ultralight Trike Flight

Just imagine you have got the wings. Where would you go? You will flight absolutely in parallel with the ground surface and you will be able to enjoy the views in front of your eyes. You will need warm clothing. One passenger seat only.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydive is the safest but no less exciting type of skydiving. A qualified tandem instructor does all of the hard work letting you enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying. You will make a jump out of An-2, at height of 1200-2500 m. You can as well order a photo and video recording. Kurkachi Airfield...

Make your stay in Russia more interesting and truly unforgettable!  Add some spice to your trip using our experts’ services. Acquire a taste of air taking a flight by plane, by helicopter or by paraglider. Feel a light breeze during a boat or yacht tour. Make yourself proud of a fish you caught or a wild boar you hunted. Try our wild routes, unpredictable weather and no man’s lands with the unique beauty of nature driving a jeep. Get down to a cave and then up to a high roof. Expand your perceptions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Ulyanovsk!