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Lenin’s Birthplace

Ulyanovsk (former Simbirsk) was first named as a Sinbirsk. The city was founded in the 17th century at the picturesque bank of the Volga river as an important fortress of Central Ancient Rus.

During its long history it was marked with numerous historical events and gave birth to many historical personalities: starting from classical Nikolai Goncharov to Kerensky and Lenin. Today Ulyanovsk is a place where architectural sights are remarkably combined with a magnificent nature of a Volga area, and such funny monuments as the one to letter “Ё” in the Russian language and Oblomov sofa.

After October Revolution in 1924 the city was renamed as Ulyanovsk after Vladimir Ulyanov world famous politician better known under his nick-name Lenin. In spite of many shocks that have fallen to the history of former Simbirsk, today it is a very interesting place for the tourists thanks to its historical monuments and beautiful nature.