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Mordovian Republican United Museum of Local History named after I.D. Voronin

The museum was founded by the decision of the district department for public education on November 29, 1918 on the initiative of a group of urban intellectuals. The development of the museum was actively contributed to by the Society for the Study of the Native Land, which brought together about a hundred local history amateurs under the guidance of Yakov Petrovich Narovchatsky.

The collection of the local history museum has over 200 thousand items: everyday items, work tools, weapons, national clothes, arts and crafts, old books and historical documents, numismatic collection, as well as paleontological, botanical, entomological collections, stuffed animals and birds living in the territory of Mordovia, etc.

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes 3 sections: history (history of Mordovia until 1917), modern times (from 1917 to the present) and the nature of Mordovia.