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Souvenirs from Saransk

What to bring from Saransk, the capital of Mordovia, as a souvenir to friends and relatives or to yourself as a memory? The most popular Mordovian souvenirs are vodka, Tavla toys, Mordovian dolls, and Mordovian embroidery.

Souvenirs from Saransk can be divided into three groups: traditional which can be bought in any city — magnets, plates and mugs representing the sightseeing of Saransk; gastronomic — food and drinks that are famous for their quality outside of Mordovia.

Tavla toys

Wooden Tavla horses, which are also popular tourist souvenirs have become a peculiar brand of the village of Podlesnaya Tavla and the republic as a whole. Tavla carved toy made of wood is one of the seven Finno-Ugric wonders. They can be purchased both in Saransk, for example, in the tourist information center, and directly in Podlesnaya Tavla, where they are made by hand.

Mordovian dolls

The most popular souvenir in Mordovia is a talisman doll dressed in hand-made national costume. In the souvenir shops you can buy «Moksha doll» and «Erzya doll». The only difference between them is a headwear: Moksha dolls have kerchiefs on its head, while Erzya dolls have embroidered kokoshniks. Dolls are made of porcelain, textiles, wool, and even wood.

Mordovian patterns

Those who like practical gifts will be glad to buy Mordovian patterns which decorate different fabrics. Elegant tablecloths, towels, light elegant blouses, cozy shawls, decorative panels, bead jewelry — this is not a complete list of products made by talented craftswomen from the Republic of Mordovia.

Natural products

The Republic of Mordovia is traditionally and rightly famous for its natural products. The products of the Atyashevo brand are very tasty and natural meat delicacies, which have already become a symbol of guaranteed quality not only in Mordovia. Cheese produced in Mordovia is made only from natural milk. The head of cheese “Maasdam”, “Imperial” or “Gourmet” will pleasantly delight the tourist with its taste and will be an excellent gift! Condensed milk made at the Saransk canning factory and sweets made at the Lamzur confectionery factory are rightfully recognized as the favorite foods of the republic guests. Vodka “Vastoma” in a musical package with a national pattern and balm “Mordovian” in a ceramic bottle are other most popular souvenirs. Balm “Mordovian” consists of 39 components.