Lang Speak


The settlement was initially considered an ecological and ethnic center in the Republic Chuvashia which has many unique and authentic traditions to see and be proud of:

  • you want to hear the sound of one of the Turkic proto-languages, which is five thousand years old — come to visit Chuvashia!
  • Chuvashia is the only place where each peasant house uses old recipes to make a special beer — the drink of the gods “Sura”!
  • Incredible, but true: Chuvash women are following the ideology of the mythical Amazons! Only Chuvash women create double-sided embroidery with 32 unique seams!
  • Chuvash folk dance, which is the heritage of shamanism, is a wonderful energy-giving potion!

Currently, we offer for our tourists several types of one-day excursions, educational tours of at least two days, more than a dozen different programs, and workshops.