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Summer Garden

Summer Garden – The construction was started by Ivan Ugrumov under the leadership of Peter the Great in 1704. The tsar was dreaming of his own Versailles; the initial plan was drafted by the tsar himself. The Summer Garden is surrounded by water. The park natural borders from the North and East sides are the Neva and Fontanka Rivers, and from South and West sides are the Moika River and the Swan Canal. The Northern part adjacent to the Peter’s Palace was called The First Summer Garden. Here according to the design of Trezini a small double-storage palace for Peter I was built, it is still preserved. The most elegant Central Gallery was decorated with twelve double marble columns, and the road was covered with white and black marble slabs. Here an antique sculpture of Venus was placed later on called The Venus of Tauria, it was the first antique sculpture of a naked woman in Russia.и.