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Memorial flat of Alexander Pushkin at Moika 12


Memorial flat of Alexander Pushkin at Moika 12 Pushkin and his family started living in the apartment owned by count Volkonsky back in autumn 1836 and this apartment was turned into museum later on.

Though the poet died in this flat the impression after visiting it is bright.

The initial planning of the flat was restored. Here you can see the personal belongings of Pushkin’s family, and his friends. His favorite place in the flat was a study. It is restored entirely as it looked like when the poet lived here, many pieces of furniture here keep the memories of this great person. In the year of 200 anniversary of  Pushkin in 1999 the Literature exposition was open in the museum called ‘Alexander Pushkin. His life and work’. The exposition shows the poet’s life and art against the background of the historical events back in 1810–1830 and it is based on the materials that the museum can be proud of: ingravings, lithography, water drawings, miniature paintings and rear publications.