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The village Podlesnaya Tavla

The village Podlesnaya Tavla is mentioned in the Saransk Customs Book (1692).

This small village, lost among picturesque fields and groves near Saransk, is inhabited by descendants of the ancient Erzians. The Tavla toy with its own peculiar flavor is the calling card of this Erzya village. Many believe that it is here that the best Mordovian wood carvers live. Children are taught to handle the tree since childhood. And the amazing works of carvers can be seen in the house museum “Ethno-Kudo” named after V.I. Romashkin, where Vladimir Romashkin, the founder of the «Torama» music group, once lived.

Visit to the Ethnographic Museum «Ethno-Kudo named after V.I. Romashkin”. Sightseeing tour of the Erzya village. This unusual museum was created for people’s donations in a small carved and painted house, which many years ago was bought by the famous Mordovian musician and propagandist of his native culture Vladimir Romashkin (kudo in Erzyan language means house). A great friend of all woodcarvers, he idolized their craftsmanship and tried to promote the work of the Tavla masters everywhere. And now in his house you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Erzyan culture and life. The museum is unusual and even interactive in some places. The house has preserved the spirit of the time when Romashkin lived and worked here. Moreover, all objects can be touched and even used. Guests are greeted with bread and salt and are told about the history of the village. They are also introduced to the epic Mastorava, Tavla toy and park sculpture. Everything here is unusual, and even the fence is decorated with multicolored ribbons, each of which reminds of every guest who visited the museum. Do not forget to leave your own ribbon here. You will see the guests greeting rite, Kudat in the Erzya language, at a national wedding, as well as taste national cuisine at lunch and take part in a wood carving workshop made by local carvers. And in the end you can buy souvenirs.