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The Staraya Terizmorga village

The Staraya Terizmorga village has one of the most famous Mordovian cultural centers — the Moksha Center for National Culture, which was founded in 1992.

In 2007, Russian President V.Putin opened an ethno-cultural center during the International Festival of Cultures of Finno-Ugric Peoples “Shumbrat, Finno-Ugria!”. The center houses an ethnographic museum which reconstructs the life of villagers, shows embroideries, national costumes and applied arts from other regions of the republic.

The center has a children’s musical group Laymonya, courses “Folk embroidery” and “Weaving with beads”, the Staraya Terizmorga folk choir was awarded by the State Prize of the Republic of Mordovia.

Museum visitors can learn about the works of masters and listen to the Mordovian songs performed by the folk choir. The open-air ethnographic museum “Peasant Homestead” with the reconstructed life of a Mordovian peasant family has an important place here.