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Souvenir stores in Kazan

Kazan Cat
A cat statue is one of the symbols of Kazan that can be brought home as a souvenir. It is explained by the fact the cats were favorite animals of Ekaterina I and were even included into her guards. This animal became a hero of many legends of the city. The central street in Kazan has a monument to a cat. The variety of different cat statuettes is real wide. Here you will also find cats decorating pendants, tableware, local fancy work craft.
A cat statuette can be bought at every souvenir store of the city.

Tatar Headdresses

Tatar skull-cap is a traditional headdress for men in Kazan. Traditionally it is worn by a man for visiting a mosque. Decorated with velvet and golden cottons the cap is flat. It cannot be confused with any other headdress due to its beauty. National costumes for women include kalfaks. Women traditionally cover their heads with it. It is also decorated with fancy work and beads.
You can order a skull-cap or kalfak at tailor or buy it at a souvenir store as a souvenir or present.

National Boots
Kazan guests often admire the national boots, and often buy them as a souvenir and presents. Tatar Capital is famous with its handmade slippers and special type of moccasins. They are made of leather and are decorated with different bright ornaments so that it is difficult to take your eyes off them. Ethnic leather shoes are of no less interest for the tourists. Kazan craftsmen use only natural materials creating real artworks. The crakows are very traditional here. You can buy traditional Kazan boots and shoes at the city shops.

Religious Souvenirs
For Kazan citizens the Religion is quite important. Therefore the religious souvenirs are very popular here. The largest Muslim Mosque The Qolşärif is located in Kazan, and it is visited by many pilgrims every year. No wander there are a lot of stores selling religious souvenirs in the city: the religious text Qoran, prayer rugs and mats, as well as other items decorated with religious superscriptions.
You can buy religious souvenirs at special stores of Islam gifts.

Kazan Bitters
We cannot leave without attention Tatarstan and Bugulma Bitter Liqueurs. They are  herbal  bitters made of healing plants growing in Kazan ecological areas. Peculiar taste and aroma are great and absolutely unique among all the others all over the world
You can buy Tatarstan and Bugurma Liqueurs in Kazan Alcohol Supermarkets.