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A Bai’s (rich landlord’s) house

Duration 90 minutes

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“A Bai’s (rich landlord’s) house” interactive program

All the guests of Kazan are definitely invited to be guests of the main house in the Tatar village – the Bai’s (rich landlord’s) house. The hosts of the wealthy house – Babay and Ebika – will disclose many secrets of the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of the Tatar people.

The guests will divide in two groups and will sit at tables in the men’s and the women’s halves of the house. At the table, at a hearty dinner of national meals (Tokmach soup, Peremyach, Echpochmak, Chak-chak, Kosh Tele, Kystybyi, Koymak, Tatar tea with dried apricots), Babay and Ebika will tell the dear guests of the favorite meals of the Tatar people through their sagas and legends.

The exciting story accompanied with music will disclose interesting elements of the national celebrations of the summer and winter solstice — Nowruz, Nardugan, Sabantuy, and other festivals.

The most intimate and exciting part at the end of the evening is the acquaintance with national customs and traditions of the Tatar people though actors’ performance. The guests will get familiar with such notions as Su Yuly, Aulok Oy, Nikakh, Bebi Tuye, as well as interesting table-top games.


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