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The Cheboksary confectionery plant Akkond

The Cheboksary confectionery plant was founded in August 1943. Initially, it was a small handicraft production, which had an annual output of 120–140 tons of products: candies “Kiev fondant”, “Roasted candies with fruits and nuts”, glazed fruit spice cakes, chocolate sugar, nut roll, syrup, and fruit drinks.

Souvenirs of Cheboksary

Cheboksary Candy  It is unforgiveable to come back from Cheboksary without confectionery products of Akkond brand. Don’t miss the world-famous “Wonderful Bird” candy, unusual “Boletto Premium” mushroom-shaped candy, “Evening Cheboksary” chocolates and many other sweets from this factory. In any Akkond company store (about 40 in Cheboksary) you can buy a couple of gift-wrapped packages of...