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The State Museum of the Fine arts (Sandetsky House)

The State Museum of the Fine arts (Sandetsky House) – the museum building is a palace and an architectural monument of the XIX century. The building had been a residence of Alexander Sandetsky, the commander-in-chief of the Kazan military district. Today this elegant building houses the State Museum of the Fine arts. The walls of…

Lenin Museum

Lenin Museum – The museum is located in the central historical part of the city. It is a typical example of the wooden urban estate of the second half of the XIX century. In September 1888 the Uliyanovs started to live here, on their return from Kukushkino settlement, where Vladimir had been in his deportation…

The National Library (Ushakova House)

The National Library (Ushakova House) – an impressive building built in the beginning of the XX century in front of the main University building. Alexey Ushakov got married to the daughter of the University professor Zinaida Vysotskaya and presented her the house as a wedding gift. Alexei desired to impress his wife and decided to…

Museum of Kazan Federal University

Museum of Kazan Federal University – the exposition includes about one and a half thousand items, and gets the visitors acquainted with the history of the University. The main section is devoted to the science – researches and discoveries, scientific scholars   of the University famous all over world. Much attention is devoted to the outstanding…

Kazan Kremlin museum-reserve

Kazan Kremlin museum-reserve – is the main attraction of the city that has been included into the List of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. It is an official residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and a State museum-reserve  visited by thousands of tourists annually. White Stone Kremlin is a heart…

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is located at a former Gostiny Dvor building, which is an architectural monument of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. The museum collection has been formed during its 120-year history with the help of the Kazan University scientists and RT Academy of Science. The greatest treasure…

Museums in Kazan: the Most Interesting Collections of the City

The capital of Tatarstan carefully keeps folk traditions and values. You need to devote at least a week to explore all the museums in Kazan. If time is limited, it is necessary to determine the priority objects and fully explore them.

Museums of the Kazan Kremlin: a Brief Insight

The Kremlin is a majestic and picturesque complex in the center of the capital of the republic. This is a large complex of historically significant objects. The remains of buildings of the XII-XVI centuries are preserved on the territory.


Kazan Kremlin museums are open every day, except Monday. In total, the complex includes six facilities. Before visiting the Museum of Islam you should call the official number and clarify the schedule of free tours, which are held on a regular basis.

Two of the six museums are dedicated to art. Two more are devoted to the history of the Patriotic War and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The collection is supplemented by a reserve museum, which shows the planet from the era of the Carboniferous period to modern industry, from earthly fauna to astronomy.

Museums of Kazan Federal University

The complex of KFU museums includes 9 facilities. One of them is dedicated to the University history. More than 10,000 exhibits revealing the culture of the peoples of the world can be seen in the ethnographic museum.

The halls of Zoological museum will set visitors with rare species of animals. The restored mammoth skeleton is stored among 430,000 exhibits from different parts of the world in the former building of a theological seminary where today there is a geological museum.

In the complex you can find information about the two hundred year history of teacher education. The museum-laboratory stores more than 500 physical devices and the acting model of the Zavoyskiy setup.


Other Museums in Kazan

Kazan carefully keeps information about the Tatars’ history. More than a dozen of objects are dedicated to traditions, cuisine, old life and famous citizens. Many of the museums buildings have a historical and artistic value.


The attention is also paid to the world history. The city has a grand exhibitions dedicated to military events, antiques, world scientists. The Museum of Socialist Life and the Lenin Museum in Kazan represent the era of the USSR.


Interest in science and culture is actively encouraged in Kazan. Several dozen of institutions are dedicated to scientific progress and famous figures. As much are dedicated to artists, musicians, prose writers and poets.

There are art galleries and exhibitions in various styles behind the flamboyant facades. The Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan on the Marks street stores engravings of great artists of the XV century.


Special attention should be paid to the house of Ushkov, which in Kazan serves as a library. The building impresses with a variety of styles, combined under a single roof. But the hall-grotto with stalactites of shell rock, live plants and an aquarium excites the greatest interest.

Museums for Children

Tourists with children should not be afraid to tire young travelers with the exhibits. The museum of city panorama has a program with interactive games for young visitors.

Children will certainly enjoy the home of a giant, entertaining science and technology. The museums of the rise of the machines and illusions are also worth visiting.