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Kazan Hotels

Hotels in Kazan: How to Choose and Things You Need to Know


Tatarstan capital offers a wide range of hotels, which allows you to choose the option which will meet all individual needs. When choosing a hotel in Kazan take note of location, optional services and price. A composition of a group of travelers plays an important role too.

How to Choose a Hotel

Couples with children should check the room rate for young guests. Children under 7 years old can be accommodated for free, or at half price. In some new hotels in Kazan, the age limit for free accommodation has been increased to 12 years. It is ideally to find a family-oriented hotel, with menu for children, special furniture and staff trained to work with kids.


Hotels in Kazan with swimming pool are ideal for a holiday of couple, or for a company. Some hotels have spa centers and gyms. It is recommended to learn in advance about all the advantages of the hotel to take everything you need, such as a swimsuit.


In order to plan your budget more precisely, it is important to clarify what kind of meals is provided in the tour. Hotels in Kazan with breakfast usually offer several options to choose from. If other meals are not provided by the tour, you need to take into account the amount to visit restaurants. Authentic Tatarstan cuisine consists of hearty, meat dishes, all kinds of pies and flatbreads, traditional soups. You can find places with any foreign cuisine on the streets of the city.


If the trip coincides with a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, it is worth mentioning this when checking in. Most hotels provide symbolic gifts for guests in meaningful occasions. Do not hesitate to ask the staff about the city or necessary things for everyday life.


Purpose of the trip is also important when choosing a hotel. For sightseeing and walking excursions, it is recommended to choose hotels in the center of Kazan, in the Vakhitovsky district. You can check on the map the distance from the hotel to the Kremlin, or to Bauman Street. The city has options with different prices, and right location will significantly save your time. Kazanskiy railway station is located 15-20 minutes’ walk from the Kremlin. It may be more convenient to stay close to station to those who plan to leave the city by train.


For shopping and visiting the water park choose hotels of the Novo-Savinskiy district. The district is an ordinary sleeping area, but you definitely won’t be bored near the Riviera.


To visit the Kazan Fair look for the hotels near Sredniy Kaban Lake. There is a rowing canal for the 2013 Universiade in its waters. Through the botanical garden you can walk to the Lower Kaban Lake, admire the fountains, walk along the well-groomed embankment. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the Kremlin by walk. You can use the subway, which is also worthy of attention, thanks to the artistic design of the stations.


Those who are intended to settle down far from the city center should choose hotels near metro stations. This will allow to move around the city quickly and conveniently, no matter what traffic congestion is. The subway opens at 6 a.m. and works up to 24 p.m., and the cost of the trip is 25 rubles.