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Capital of Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is the city of contrasts. This is neither “third Rome”, nor “big village”. This is a place only for the few privileged ones and for everyone at the same time. Moscow is Sodom and Gomorrah all in one but with a dignified stillness of almost village-like off streets at Zamoskvorechie district, Moscow City bristling with its sharp glass edges and wooden houses with platbands and aprons remaining at Kitay-gorod blind alleys though incredible it might seem.

As for the sights and attractions in Moscow their full list cannot be completed even by the most patriotic Muscovite or by a guide expert. The number of museums and monuments of the past is just immodest, the whole life is not enough to see them all. It is worth while to add here a vast number of exhibitions of tempera and  marble, which are regularly arriving here from the world famous  collections, theaters and concert halls where the best singers, dancers  and actors consider it as an honor to perform, plus grand festivals of everything starting from chime to beer