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Unique services

Boat Trips

An amazing two-hour trip will show you the main attractions of the Neva River, then the motor boat along the Fontanka River will go to Kryukov Canal up to Mariinsky Theater and the New Holland District, and along the Moika river and colorful bridges (Red, Blue and Green ones) pass the Winter Canal and return...

Wolf Hunting

Wolf hunting will be organized in Leningrad region during the snowy season. The hunting lasts for two days with comfortable living conditions. If you get prepared well most probably you will have a catch. But the animal is unpredictable and even surrounded by flags often can escape. We recommend our guests to enjoy the process...

Fishing (grayling, sparling, pile, carp, catfish, codfish, perch)

Oyat recreation center is located at the Oyat River at the left tributary of the Svir River between Ladoga Lake and Onega Lake. Mature huntsman will show you the best fishery places, will teach how to fish if this is new for you, will help you to choose the fishing tackle, will get everything ready...

Diving (Baltic Sea)

Certified divers will go with you for a trip to the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, the Neva River, Ladoga Lake or other picturesque lakes of Leningrad Region at your choice. You will use the safe routing, required gear, and training course. Unforgettable impressions about the underwater kingdom of the North water basins will touch...

Fly by Plane

An amazing flight over Kronstadt, the Gulf of Finland and forts with opportunity to pilot the plane yourself. The flights are started from Airfield in Kronstadt, ‘Bychie Field’. Jump into the sixth ocean and enjoy bird’s eye panorama of the Russian Land beauty.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving with an expert instructor from 3500 m high, 8 minutes long flight above the picturesque area of Kronstadt, forts of the Gulf of Finland, flood-protection barrier, cruiser Aurora and icebreaker Krasin.

Tour on the roof with panoramic view to the Neva River

You will get to a safe roof with upturns and skid-resistant coating. You will see a splendid view to the Neva river, Troitsky Bridge, Peter and Paul fortress from the Petrograd side of the city. You will enjoy the view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Savior on Blood, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, Dvortsovy and Troitsky...

Make your stay in Russia more interesting and truly unforgettable!  Add some spice to your trip using our experts’ services. Acquire a taste of air taking a flight by plane, by helicopter or by paraglider. Feel a light breeze during a boat or yacht tour. Make yourself proud of a fish you caught or a wild boar you hunted. Try our wild routes, unpredictable weather and no man’s lands with the unique beauty of nature driving a jeep. Get down to a cave and then up to a high roof. Expand your perceptions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Ulyanovsk!