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St. Petersburg Souvenir Stores

Souvenir Medallions Medallion machines are a new amusement recently appeared in many parts of St. Petersburg. Their work is quite simple. You give a required amount of money and in few seconds you can have a small medallion with the city attraction you are located close to, or just a view of St. Petersburg with...

Amber Shop

The only shop offering antiques made of genuine Baltic amber in St. Petersburg. We also offer aged amber ornaments, jewelry and souvenirs. All the goods offered in our shop  were fabricated 30-100 years ago.

Imperial Porcelain Factory Shop

For over 270 years the Factory history is inherent to the history of Russia. The product manufactured by the Factory hand-painted ceramics – is a unique ceramic chronicle of the «Northern Palmyra». Beautiful tableware and interior items created at the Factory are used in the residences of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and other...