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Tours in Russia

Tours in Russia: The Most Beautiful and Memorable Places

Traveling in Russia is a variety of natural and city landscapes, ancient legends and exploring the rich history of the country. Modern service allows you to organize your vacation with maximum comfort. To explore the multi-faceted area you will need years.

Excursion Tours in Russia: What to Choose

Tours in Russia provide broad options for recreation. The spirit of ancient Russia dwells in the sights of the cities of the Golden Ring. Excursions in Russia will help to get closer to the past and present of a great state. Interactive programs of the capital, numerous museums, masterpieces of ancient architecture against the backdrop of the modern megapolis will be an excellent start for a trip around the country. Cozy and charming streets of St.-Petersburg hide classical museums and modern art exhibitions.


Excursion tours in Russia can be combined with any format of rest. Quiet family walks through memorable and picturesque places, adrenaline trips to the mountain ranges, rafting along the rivers and visiting the inhabited islands of harsh Taiga for active adventurers, the purity of deep lakes, the diversity of flora and fauna of hundreds of nature reserves, an introverts’ paradise in peaceful villages that have preserved the atmosphere of old settlements, the healing air of coniferous forests, mineral waters of the Pre-Caucasus – all this is available for residents and guests of Russia. Company agent will choose the direction and route of the travel according to individual preferences.


Tours and excursions in Russia are available all year round. Autumn is good time for a trip to Pushkin places, the birthplace of the works of the great Russian poet. The flora of reserves and forests painted with fiery colors hold own in charm to the flowering of spring.

Tours and Excursions in Russia: Best Time to Go

It is nice to meet Summer at the Lakes and Seas, enjoy the cruises along the rivers. The wide waters of the Volga will open the panoramas of the most atmospheric cities and landscapes. Against the backdrop of majestic nature, the country’s entertainment infrastructure is rapidly developing, harmoniously intertwining into a single space for a perfect holiday.


Tours and excursions in Russia during the cold season are the standard of the classic winter.


The cities decorated for the New Year holidays shine with elaborate illumination, the lights are reflected by the snow cover with billions of sparkles, filling the streets with a fabulous atmosphere. It is pleasant to plunge into warm springs, try classic Russian banya and warm up in vats with mineral water far from large cities, among untouched nature. Numerous mountains and skating rinks for fans of winter sports and outdoor activities warmly welcome guests of the country.


Spring off-season is a good time for hiking. When the winter cold weather recedes, and the summer heat has not yet come into its own, it is pleasant to walk along the diversity of Russian streets. This is the best way to feel the atmosphere of the cities, to be lost in the environment of the locals, to explore the majestic and hospitable country.

Tips for Foreign Guests

If you plan a major route around the country, it is important to remember that there are 11 time zones in the territory of the Russian Federation. When crossing each zone, it is recommended to check the watch to avoid interruptions and inconveniences.


Credit cards are widely used in large cities, but you should keep a minimum amount of cash with you. Souvenir tents, kiosks and shops, checkpoints in museums do not accept cashless payment.


In order not to overpay for roaming, you should buy a local SIM card with a convenient tariff, for which you will need a passport.