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Gastronomic tour “Palette of Tatarstan”

Draft tour (2 days / 1 night)

from 10 640 c
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Tour program


Day 1
Coach hire and tour guide for 8 hours
10:50 Arrival at the airport in Kazan. Meeting with tour guide.

Lunch in a restaurant.

Salad “Tenderness”


Dessert Baklava

Fluffy, Water, Black tea

Folklore program «Yakyn Duslar» will immerse you in the world of the ancient culture of the Tatar people. Each people of the world is unique, and its soul, hidden in spiritual creativity — folklore, is unique. All tourists have the opportunity from the first minute of their stay in Kazan to touch the age-old culture of the Tatar people.

12:30 Bus and walking sightseeing “Legends and Mysteries of the Millennium-old Kazan” by bus. Enjoy the original beauty of Kazan, see the bright colors of its streets and squares with your own eyes, learn where teeming treasures of Khans of Kazan are kept and where water boiled in a cauldron with no fire by taking the sightseeing tour. The sites of the millennium-old city combine the culture of the West and traditions of the East: Old Tatar Settlement where Tatar residents lived from the 16th century, Textiles Settlement originating as a result of industrial reforms by Peter I, fountain squares, Kaban lake with its mysteries and legends, a simulated Tatar village Tugan Avylym (My Native Village), a new building of the Puppet Show, Kazan Federal University, Liberty Square as a cultural and administrative center of Kazan. During the sightseeing tour, you will see a variety of minarets and cupolas, crescents and crosses, which is a proof of a good neighborliness of the two native peoples – Tatars and Russians.
15:00 A walking tour “White-stone Fortress”. The Kazan Kremlin is the main sight of the city; it is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Kremlin is an official residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and a state museum-preserve attended by thousands of tourists every year. The white-stone Kremlin is the heart of the ancient city that incorporates the culture of the East and West. Minarets of the main mosque of the city – Qul Sharif – shoot up into the sky, and cupolas of the Annunciation Cathedral, oldest one in Kazan, shine with gold. Inside the fortress, there is one of the symbols of Kazan – the famous “leaning” tower of Tsarina Suyumbike.

Tasting session in a signature shop of “Arysh Maye”. Each guest becomes a member of an exciting tour through the shop accompanied by a guide and tastes the signature alcoholic drinks. The gem of the collection by Tatspirtprom is “Khanskaya” vodka. The divine drink will give you the feeling of exaltation! A tasting session for four more drinks is arranged in a special tasting room. The guests are offered horse-meet sausage kyzylyk, crackers, olives, cheese, pickling cucumbers, lemon as refreshments.

After the tasting session, the tourists can buy exclusive products by the company: bitters, aperitifs, vermouths, cognacs and cognac-based drinks, whiskey, table wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, and, of course, Khanskaya vodka, as well as famous balms “Bugulma” and “Tatarstan”.


Dinner at the restaurant «Tatarskaya Usadba».

Salad «Tatar Sloboda»

Manty from beef in Tatar

Portion of smoked goose

Dessert Gubadia with a court

Water, tea, bread

Dinner in the restaurant with a master class of Secrets of the Tatar Cuisine”. The culinary traditions of the Tatar cuisine shaped up for many centuries. Some of the best cooks will share their secrets of preparing the most popular Tatar meals such as сhak-chak, echpochmak, vak belash, gubadia. During the master class each tourist may impress a skilled cook and participate in the preparation of the national meals.

19:00 Check-in at a hotel. Leisure time.

Night city tour “The Lights of Kazan”

Do you know how streets of Kazan were lit before the electricity? You don’t? If you are still full of vigor after an extensive sightseeing program and want to see a different Kazan, to hear about a different Kazan, then you are invited to immerse yourselves into the fairy-tale-like image of the capital. Kazan will show itself to you quiet and peaceful, but still full of lights from back-lit historical and modern buildings. The tour will take place in the brightest sights of the night city.


Day 2
Coach hire and tour guide for 11 hours
from 7:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:30 Meeting at the hotel lobby. Check-Out. Departure for the sightseeing program with the luggage.

Excursion to the museum complex «Tatar Avyly» (Tatar Village).

Tatar ethnographic museum and a contact zoo in the open air. There are life and traditions of the Tatar settlements of the Middle Ages are completely preserved, where one can plunge into the past and visit the present. Here are ancient traditions and original crafts and way of life have been preserved.

Master class «Cooking Katyk». Turkic and Bulgarian culinary traditions presented «Katyk» to mankind. This is a specific national sour-milk drink. The age of the drink has long passed for 2 thousand years. The secrets of cooking, the characteristics of aging and the selection of ingredients are tremendously transmitted from generation to generation. Despite the age, the recipe reached us in its original form, preserving the authenticity and identity of the Turkic people.

11:30 A walking tour “The Island Town of Sviyazhsk”. Sviyazhsk is a historical and cultural gem of the Republic of Tatarstan. At present, the place where an ancient fortress used to be is surrounded with waters of Volga river. In the past, the fortress served as a military outpost in the Volga region and a place to prepare troops for an assault against an unassailable fortress of Kazan. In the course of time, as its value as a military facility diminished, Sviyazhsk became a spiritual center of the Middle Volga. The sightseeing tour in Sviyazhsk comprises unique monuments of history: the Cathedral of the Joy for All Who Grieve, one of the oldest wooden temples of Russia – the Holy Trinity Church, an operating Assumption Monastery featuring an architectural ensemble of the 16-17 centuries, Stable Yard, workshops.

Lunch in the refectory at the monastery.

snacks — seasonal salad

soups — borsch / pea / lentil

garnish — buckwheat porridge with vegetables / rice with vegetables / pasta with vegetables;

drinks — tea / compote;

baking — sweet marmalade / sweet puffs;

13:30 Continuation of excursion
14:30 Departure for Kazan.
16:00 Walking tour Arbat of Kazan. Bauman Street is one of the most favorite places to walk for both residents and guests of Kazan, a meeting point for people in love. During the tour, make a lot of amazing discoveries: jets of fountains, belfry and Epiphany church where Fyodor Shalyapin was baptized, a monument to Shalyapin himself, a building of the National Bank, zero milestone. Meet Su Anasy and learn the story of the Cat of Kazan whose monument always attracts crowds. Beyond competition is a replica of a luxury horse carriage used by Catherine II to move around Kazan during her visit in 1767. Shiny windows of numerous souvenir shops are so luring. Being in Kazan and missing a walk in Bauman Street – on of the oldest streets in the city – is the same as missing something most important.
17:15 Visit to the supermarket «Bakhetle». Ask any resident of Kazan: «Where can I buy fresh, homemade delicious pastries or traditional Tatar sweets?» A lot of them will respond you, no doubt, you can buy it in «Bakhetle».

Interactive program «Rich Landlord’s House»

All guests of Kazan will certainly be invited to visit to the main house of the Tatar village — Rich Landlord’s House. Wealthy owners of the house are Ebika and Babai. They will reveal many secrets from their way of life, customs and traditions of the Tatar people.

Ebika and Babai split guests for 2 groups that are located at the tables in the male and female half of the house. You will see hearty dinner of national dishes at the table (Tokmach soup, Pereyamach, Echpochmak, Chak-chak, Kosh Tele, Kystyby, Koymak, Tatar tea with dried apricots). Dear guests of Ebika and Babai will know about the favorite dishes of the Tatar people through legends and fairy tales.

A fascinating story in musical accompaniment will reveal interesting elements of national holidays of the summer and winter solstice — Navruz, Nardugan, Sabantuy and other holidays.

The most intimate and interesting moment will be acquaintance through the actors’ game with the national traditions and customs of the Tatar people at the end of the evening. You are expected to get acquainted with the concepts of Suyul, Aulok Oy, Nika, Baby Tue.


19:30 Transfer to the airport. End of the tour.


Tour cost per person is 10+1 15+1 20+1 25+1 30+1 35+1 40+1
Relita 4* 17 450 ₽ 15 270 ₽ 13 480 ₽ 12 350 ₽ 11 620 ₽ 11 080 ₽ 10 640 ₽
Suleiman Palace 4* 17 470 ₽ 15 290 ₽ 13 520 ₽ 12 370 ₽ 11 650 ₽ 11 110 ₽ 10 660 ₽
Nogai 3* 17 470 ₽ 15 290 ₽ 13 520 ₽ 12 370 ₽ 11 650 ₽ 11 110 ₽ 10 660 ₽
Bilyar Palace 4* 17 590 ₽ 15 410 ₽ 13 630 ₽ 12 500 ₽ 11 770 ₽ 11 220 ₽ 10 770 ₽
Korston Tower 4* 17 590 ₽ 15 410 ₽ 13 630 ₽ 12 500 ₽ 11 770 ₽ 11 220 ₽ 10 770 ₽
Park Inn 4* 17 660 ₽ 15 470 ₽ 13 700 ₽ 12 550 ₽ 11 830 ₽ 11 280 ₽ 10 840 ₽
Grand Kazan 4* 17 960 ₽ 15 770 ₽ 13 990 ₽ 12 840 ₽ 12 120 ₽ 11 570 ₽ 11 120 ₽
Marriott 4* 18 210 ₽ 16 010 ₽ 14 230 ₽ 13 080 ₽ 12 340 ₽ 11 790 ₽ 11 360 ₽
Korston Royal 5* 18 280 ₽ 16 080 ₽ 14 280 ₽ 13 140 ₽ 12 410 ₽ 11 860 ₽ 11 410 ₽
Ramada 4* 18 900 ₽ 16 670 ₽ 14 880 ₽ 13 720 ₽ 12 980 ₽ 12 430 ₽ 11 990 ₽
Hilton 4* 19 080 ₽ 16 850 ₽ 15 050 ₽ 13 900 ₽ 13 160 ₽ 12 600 ₽ 12 150 ₽
Luciano 5* 24 240 ₽ 21 850 ₽ 19 980 ₽ 18 780 ₽ 18 010 ₽ 17 430 ₽ 16 960 ₽


The price of the sightseeing tour includes:

— 10% agent fee

Accommodation in 4* hotels (DBL/TWIN)

— Tour guide services: English, Turkish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Serbian languages.

The tour price another language, please clarify additionally.

— Groups under 16-person are served with the 19-seater minibus Mercedes Sprinter. If it`s necessary, we can calculate a big comfortable bus for 43 seats with a luggage compartment. A big bus is included for 16-person groups and more as a default.

— Meals (set menu) according to the tour

— Individual radio guides (earphones)

— Admission tickets to sites

All the attended sites not marked as “OPTION (EXTRA FEE)” are included in the price of the tour.

*Prices are not valid

31.12.18-07.01.19, 07-10.03.19, 23-31.03.19, 26.04-05.05.19, 08-12.05.19, 09-12.06.19, 22-27.08.19, 26.10-06.11.2019 please apply to manager for the possibility and cost of guided tours in these dates

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