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Hurray! Sabantuy!

Duration 2 hours + 2 hours for road

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Only in summer and in good weather: An interactive program “Hurray! Sabantuy!”.

Sabantuy is the most favorite festivity of the Tatar people. It is a holiday both ancient and new, a festival of labor, where beautiful customs of the people, their songs, dances, and rituals blend. The name of the holiday originates from two Turkic words: “saban” means “plough”, and “tuy” means “holiday”. The major types of competitions and games of Sabantuy have reached us through centuries. Guests of the festival can charge with a positive energy and cheerful moods and to directly participate in the games: yoke race, hay sack fight, tag-of-war, weight lifting. The guests can enjoy a performance or a folklore ensemble, hot tea from a samovar, and sweet treats.

Net rates (without agent commission)
PAX Price for English-speaking or German-speaking guided tour Price for Chinese-speaking, Italian-speaking, Arabian-speaking, French-speaking, Turkish-speaking, Spain-speaking, Polish-speaking, Serbian-speaking guided tour
10-18 17000₽ per group 18500₽ per group
19-40 25000₽ per group 26500₽ per group
The price includes: transport service, interactive program, translation and excursion services, radio guides


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