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Souvenirs of Cheboksary

Cheboksary Candy 

It is unforgiveable to come back from Cheboksary without confectionery products of Akkond brand. Don’t miss the world-famous “Wonderful Bird” candy, unusual “Boletto Premium” mushroom-shaped candy, “Evening Cheboksary” chocolates and many other sweets from this factory. In any Akkond company store (about 40 in Cheboksary) you can buy a couple of gift-wrapped packages of sweets to make yourself and your loved ones happy.


Fragrant and Hearty Chartan

Shartan is a Chuvash national meat dish. Its culinary essence is as follows: chopped meat with spices and garlic is stuffed in the stomach (mutton, pork or veal). In the old days the dish was baked in the oven to a crisp.

Today, the true Chuvash national delicacy can be found in any Cheboksary butcher shop — the Cheboksary, Vurnar and Yadrin meat processing factories of the region produce this delicacy using the traditional technology. Try different shartans and choose the most delicious one for you to bring it home!


Refreshing Kvass and Beer

The Republic of Chuvashia has always been famous for its rich harvest of hops, and its people had the reputation of being a true master of brewing. Kvass and beer have long been kept and revered in every Chuvash family. Drinks are loved and appreciated for their light and fresh taste, which has reached our days.

Chuvash beer and kvass today is an inexpensive and original souvenir that can be brought from Cheboksary. Fans of hop drink are unlikely to be able to deny themselves the pleasure to drink cold beer «Bouquet of Chuvashia». Local kvass is also famous for its rich taste and unique aroma. You can buy Bouquet of Chuvashia products in all stores of the republic.


Legendary Balm and Vodka

Chuvash alcohol has a long history. It has been produced at the Cheboksary alcoholic beverage plant for over 100 years. Cheboksary vodka and Parne balm are the main Cheboksary alcoholic souvenirs: the label depicts the city and a girl in national clothes. Vodka, as expected, contains 40 degrees of alcohol, and balm is infused with 15 plants. And everything tastes good!

The products manufactured at the Cheboksary alcoholic beverage plant can be bought in all brand shops of the city.


Cheboksary Knitted Garments

The Cheboksary stocking and knitting factory was founded back in 1962. Products of this company was known in the Soviet Union as «Cheboksary Knitted Garments.» The factory works until today. However, popularity of these products formed a whole knitting garments cluster in the 2000s, which is mostly owned by two enterprises — the Stocking and Knitting Factory (successor of the first factory) and the Pike sewing factory (represented by the MELADO brand).

Both factories have a wide retail network in Cheboksary and regularly release new original collections. Here you can buy stylish and comfortable high-quality products at affordable prices: children’s underwear made of cotton yarn, sports knitwear products, jumpers, bathrobes and much more.


National Clothes

Modern national style clothes are one of the most popular souvenirs that tourists bring from Chuvashia. Exhibition shop Chuvash embroidery — Pakha Tere offers a wide range of national dresses and costumes decorated with Chuvash ornament. Those who are used to traveling light can choose a cover for mobile phone, an original napkin or towel decorated with Chuvash embroidery. Do not forget — ethnic prints are in fashion now!


Chuvash Literature

For those who enjoy reading books during the trip, the first place to go and buy some souvenirs are bookstores and boutiques. An exclusive gift that you can make to yourself and your loved ones in Cheboksary is to buy prose or poetry of Chuvash classic writers in Russian or Chuvash languages.

If you are a true book-lover, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the immortal poem of the national literature “Narspi” by Konstantin Ivanov, as well as with collections of poems by Gennady Aygi. You can get literary pleasure by looking into the shops of the Chuvash book house — “Book novelties”.


National Crafts

Numerous pavilions offering souvenirs on the Arbat pedestrian street will immediately attract your attention. Clay toys in the form of birds and animals, national embroidery, self-made valenki, painted kitchen utensils, homemade dolls and matryoshkas — all this and much more can be bought as a souvenir to decorate the interior of your home and remind you of the trip to the pearl of the Volga region.

You can also buy similar souvenirs in different parts of the city, in the shops National Crafts and Souvenirs of the Year.