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Tatar Biyulare

Duration 90 minutes

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The unique interactive program “Tatar Biyulare” will get guests of Tatarstan familiar with dance moves, etiquette, musical instruments, clothes, and of course, the famous Tatar dance music.

Men’s and women’s national costumes were tailored especially for the “Tatar Biyulare” program. While learning all the intricacies, etiquette and tricks of the Tatar dance, the tourists change into the costumes, which makes it possible to immerse to the maximum extent in the air of the unbridled joy accompanied by fiery musical rhythms.

For the tourists to have the strength of rhythmic dances, the program begins with a national dinner. During the dinner, artists begin a show program, and after the meals, the guests change into the national constumes and join the artists. The professional artists of theaters of Tatarstan will teach all the guests to dance and will give a lot of good impressions and vivid photos to them within just an hour.


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PAX Price for English-speaking or German-speaking guided tour Price for Chinese-speaking, Italian-speaking, Arabian-speaking, French-speaking, Turkish-speaking, Spain-speaking, Polish-speaking, Serbian-speaking guided tour
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35 1650₽ per person 1670₽ per person
40 1550₽ per person 1570₽ per person
The price includes: dinner, interactive program, translation services, radio guides.


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